Watertubes around Danish Decommissioning lowest lying storage facility - picture taken during emergency preparedness exercise

Elevated water level in Roskilde Fjord - Danish Decommissioning is continuously monitoring the development

Current forecasts indicate that there will be no need for flood protection

Storm"Pia" will hit Denmark today and tomorrow.

In connection with this, there are reports of high water levels in Roskilde Fjord.

As always, and especially in this context, Danish Decommissioning (DD) follows the water level development closely.

We do this to protect the lowest waste storage facility from flooding by laying watertubes in case the forecasts change

Current forecasts predict no need for emergency preparedness
Thursday morning, 21/12-23, DMI's forecasts report an elevated water level in Roskilde Fjord of 140 - 190 cm.

In comparison, storm Bodil was 206 cm. above normal water level, which was still 40 cm. from floor level at DD's lowest lying storage facility.
This means that assuming the current forecasts hold, there will be no need for DD's high-water preparedness.

Ready with preparedness
Ole Kastbjerg Nielsen, CEO of DD, continuously monitors forecasts and weather developments.

"We are keeping an eye on the water level, and so far the forecasts indicate that we will not need to lay watertubes.
If the forecasts change for the worse, we are of course ready with our preparedness to secure the storage facilities."


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