Danish Decommissioning Becomes a smoke-free workplace from January 1, 2024

Danish Decommissioning Introduces a smoke-free workplace from January 1, 2024, where all smoking on the premises will no longer be allowed.

Smoking will no longer be allowed on Danish Decommissioning'spremises after the turn of the year, this applies to both employees at DD and external guests.

In addition, smoke-free working hours are introduced, which also means that DDemployees are not allowed to smoke during working hours, be it e-cigarettes or regular tobacco products.

The best possible work environment
Ole Kastbjerg Nielsen, CEO of Danish Decommissioning says about the decision:

"We want to create the best possible work environment at Danish Decommissioning, including being able to go to work without being exposed to harmful smoke, which is why we have made an important decision for the benefit of all our employees."

The decision did not come out of the blue, but is the culmination of many years of increasingly restrictive smoking policies. DD's employees were informed of the decision on April 27, 2023, where all employees were offered a free smoking cessation course.

If you have any questions about DD's smoking policy, you are welcome to contact Casper Boe Jensen, Communications Advisor, at casje@dekom.dk