The working environment 2021

Read the report on the efforts and achievements of DD in another year of corona closures and restrictions.

U In addition to the conventional work environment in the DD we are also working with materials that emit ionising radiation or are radioactively contaminated.

As in 2020, however, it was mainly corona/covid-19 that filled 2021 in terms of both physical and psychological work environment. In the first half of the year, all but the emergency and critical functions were repatriated, which meant, especially for the group of craftsmen, that they were unable to carry out their daily tasks. In December it became necessary again to repatriate the office staff. The period between the two repatriation periods was also characterised to some extent by partial absence of colleagues, various restrictions and changes in routines. In addition, a major organisational change was implemented in September. The 2021 health and safety report describes the actions taken by DD to address the circumstances that particularly challenged staff well-being.

With regard to radiation and nuclear safety, the health and safety report concludes that it was also satisfactory in 2021. The individual radiation doses to staff have all been below the permitted annual dose limits and dose constraints. All releases of radioactive substances to the environment from DD's nuclear installations have been below the reporting and release limits set by the authorities. There have been no incidents that could otherwise affect the environment.

In relation to the conventional work environment , the assessment is that the overall result in 2021 is less satisfactory, as with one employee's sprained finger, we did not reach the target of zero accidents at work.
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