How are we supervised?

On 1 September, an international panel of experts attended a supervision of Danish Decommissioning to get an insight into how it is done in Denmark.

I The IAEA, the UN Agency for Atomic Energy, has carried out an evaluation of Denmark's system of radiation protection and safeguarding for radioactivity, etc. Between 1-8 September, a panel of experts appointed by the IAEA visited Denmark and reviewed Danish legislation and supervisory practices.

The panel visited, inter alia, Danish Decommissioning on 1 September, where a Swedish expert participated in an inspection visit from the nuclear regulatory authorities: The Danish Health Authority, Radiation Protection and The Danish Emergency Management Agency. Subsequently, selected DD staff were interviewed about their cooperation with the regulatory authorities.

Following the mission to Denmark, the IAEA has published a press release on the expert panel's assessment of the Danish system, see this link. The panel considers that the Danish system is well functioning, but that new initiatives are needed in relation to both future waste management in connection with the development of a final disposal solution and partly the regulation of the handling of NORM (naturally occurring radioactive material, e.g. from mining). The final report of the panel of experts will be available by the end of 2021.