Organisation chart as of September 1, 2021

DD changes its organisation

On 1 September, a new organisation of DD in force. The change should equip the company to carry out its new tasks as competently and efficiently as possible.

With Parliamentary Resolution B 90 of 2018, Danish Decommissioning (DD) has been given new, major tasks and an extended time horizon. Whereas under the original Parliamentary Resolution of 2003 (B 48) we were to complete decommissioning by 2023 and then close down, B 90 gives us responsibility for the waste until 2073 at the latest, when a final repository for the waste must be established.

In the coming years, the company's main focus will gradually shift from decommissioning to waste management. This shift means both a changed and extended need for resources and competences. In order to prepare the company for the transformation, management has decided to launch a new organization that will come into force on 1 September 2021.

"We have chosen to move from three larger sections to a number of smaller, specialised units. At the same time, we have cut one layer of management and now operate with only two. This should ensure efficient and flexible decision-making processes across the organisation," says Director Ole Kastbjerg Nielsen.

Among the specialised units are Development &strategic waste planning and a management secretariat. The Director talks about these two innovations:

"As a result of B 90, we are now the contractor on the project to build upgraded storage facility- and handling facilities here at Risø. As a waste operator, we will also play an important role in the process towards establishing a final repository. Therefore, we have chosen to assemble a team that focuses on the strategic development of our waste processes and facilities," says Ole Kastbjerg Nielsen and continues:

"In addition, we establish a proper management secretariat. Experience has shown us that when it comes to waste management and, not least, the final storage process, the interest of the outside world is greater and the field of stakeholders wider than in our decommissioning task. So the secretariat must carry out the political-strategic and communicative tasks that come with the task of waste operator."