Environmental assessment of new storage facility under way

What issues should be addressed in a report on the impact of a new upgraded waste storage facility on the environment? The Environmental Protection Agency is now asking for citizens' input on this.

DDanish Decommissioning wishes to establish and operate a new, upgraded storage facility for Denmark's radioactive waste - a project covered by Annex 1 of the Environmental Assessment Act. As the developer, we must therefore prepare an environmental impact report before the Danish EPA can assess whether the project can be carried out. The report describes the effects of the project on the environment and the mitigation measures needed to limit any damage.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has prepared an idea paper describing the background to the project, the studies that are now being launched and the possibilities for citizens to provide input.

See the material on the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's website

Citizens must send ideas and suggestions on topics to be addressed in the report to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Tolderlundsvej 5, 5000 Odense C or by e-mail to the mst@mst.dk. Please provide your name and address and a journal number. 2019-9443 at the request. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency must have it due by 2 January 2020.