An evening in a constructive mood

On 11 November, Danish Decommissioning invited locals to a dialogue on the plans for a new, upgraded storage facility.

When director Ole Kastbjerg Nielsen welcomed visitors to Danish Decommissioning on Monday at 5 pm, 60 curious Roskilde citizens had gathered in Risø's large auditorium. After a short presentation of our tasks, including the management of radioactive waste, the doors were opened for a tour of the open air. During the two-kilometre walk, visitors could see the current waste storage facilities, the piles of stored uranium ore and the desired location of a new, upgraded waste storage facility.

Back in the air of the auditorium, several citizens came across, and at 19:00 the second part of the evening began: an orientation meeting on the plans for the new building. Ole Kastbjerg Nielsen welcomed together with Roskilde Mayor Tomas Breddam, and then the project, the processes for the local plan and environmental assessment, a comprehensive schedule and the citizens' opportunities to be heard were presented through a series of short presentations.

After the flow of information from the rostrum, it was time to meet at eye level. Two stands were set up in the auditorium lobby for citizens to circulate between. Representatives from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, the Danish Building Agency, Roskilde Municipality and Danish Decommissioning manned the stands, one of which focused on the project and environmental assessment, the other on the local plan. After three quarters of an hour of dialogue, Ole Kastbjerg Nielsen concluded the meeting by thanking the participants for their many constructive contributions and noting that most of them had been about the location of the storage facility and the visual impact on the surroundings, the future enclosure of the Risø area and the plans to also set up a small exhibition on waste.

The Environmental Protection Agency will later this year call out citizens' proposals on issues that should be assessed in a future report on the environmental impact of the new stock. When the material for the so-called idea phase is published, the link will also be announced on

See the overall schedule for a new, upgraded storage facility (NOL)