The working environment 2018

The annual report on what DD is doing to maintain a good work environment, and what we are achieving, has just been published.

U In addition to the conventional work environment in the DD we are also working with materials that emit ionising radiation or are radioactively contaminated.

As an example of our particular challenges, this year's OSH statement describes the filling of a so-called Jumbo container. Over a period of several years, the filling has required many hours of planning and cooperation between many different professional groups, as well as three visits by the company Mammoet, which specialises in heavyweight lifting.

In relation to radiation and nuclear safety, the report on safety and health at work concludes that it has also been satisfactory in 2018. The individual radiation doses to staff have all been below the permitted annual dose limits and the prescribed dose bonds. All releases of radioactive substances into the environment from DD 'its nuclear facilities have been below the reporting and emission limits set by the authorities. There have been no incidents that could otherwise affect the environment.

Compared to the conventional work environment is considered that the overall result in 2018 is less satisfactory, with only one of the three objectives being fully achieved.

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