Eight container-full waste turned into ash

After two years at Swedish Studsvik, eight containers of low-level waste have been turned into ash and slag in eight drums.

DDanish Decommissioning is constantly working to minimise the volume of waste that needs to be landfilled in the future. As a new initiative, an agreement was signed in 2015 with the highly specialised company Studsvik for the incineration of a shipment of low-level waste.

It took a lot of legwork to get the combustion agreement to a head. First of all, regulatory approvals, tenders and contracts had to be in place. Next, the DD employees introduce new waste sorting and handling routines to meet Studsvik's requirements.

In autumn 2015, eight half-height ISO containers were shipped to Sweden. The containers contained low-level waste such as plastic, wood and other combustibles from decommissioning. Studsvik had requested three years for the job and spent two years.

The emptied containers have now been returned along with eight drums of slag, two drums of sorted waste and the compressed filters from the incineration process. The waste that used to fill eight containers has been reduced to fit in one container. Danish Decommissioning is continuously exploring similar options to minimise waste volume.