Bladt Industries to supply steel containers

Danish Decommissioning enters into a major contract with Bladt Industries A/S for the supply of custom-made steel containers for radioactive waste.

InJuly, Danish Decommissioning signed a contract with Bladt Industries A/S for the supply of specially designed steel containers for the storage of radioactive waste from, among other things, the decommissioning of the DR 3 reactor. The order was put out to EU tender in March 2017.

These are several different types of steel containers, which will be delivered in the years 2017 to 2019. The steel containers are characterized by being made of special steel and in shapes that optimise packaging and storage. The containers will thus in the long term be placed in a final storage for the radioactive waste in Denmark.

Both the steel quality and the welds must comply with very specific international quality standards.

The order has a total value of just over DKK 18.5 million, with the possibility of further purchases.