Additional intermediate inventory studies completed

In 2015, the Danish Parliament decided that additional studies on an intermediate storage solution for radioactive waste in Denmark should be carried out. The three reports are now available.

DDanish Decommissioning has, together with the Geological Surveys of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), delivered the compilation report "Supplementary Intermediate Storage Studies - Summary" to Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

The summary report summarizes the two subreports:

The summary report also contains recommendations for the further process of deciding and developing a long-term solution for radioactive waste in Denmark.
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The three reports together constitute the additional studies of an intermediate storage solution for radioactive waste in Denmark.

Next steps
The material will be discussed at the next two Contact Forum meetings on 14 December and 18 January, where, among other things, citizens' groups, environmental organisations and municipalities are represented. In addition, it will be discussed at a meeting on 6 January of the interministerial working group, after which the working group will present a proposal for the further political consideration of the matter.
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