Experts assess final dismantling of DR 3

DD In June, the panel of experts will comment on the project description of the decommissioning of reactor DR 3, after which the authorities will seek approval and prepare a document for the Folketing's Finance Committee.

D On 15-16 June, DD visit by the International Panel of Experts. This time, DD draft project description for the final decommissioning of reactor DR 3.

On the last visit in January 2010, the panel of experts was presented with several possible methods for dismantling the internal parts of the reactor. Since then, the final methodology has been chosen and described in a draft project description sent to the panel on 6 May.

At this meeting, the chosen methods for dismantling the internal parts of reactor DR 3 and dismantling the reactor block itself, as well as cleaning up the other facilities surrounding the reactor, will be discussed with the DR 3 project team.

After that, the DD revise the description taking into account the comments and send it for approval to the nuclear regulatory authorities. DD Hopes for approval of the project description at the end of the year, after which a budget will be prepared for the task, and the act of the Folketing's Finance Committee sought funding to initiate the task.

The International Panel of Experts consists of:

  • Head of department Roger Andres from Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
  • Head of Department Roy Manning of Babcock International Group, England
  • Safety Manager Atle Valseth from the Department of Energy Engineering, Norway
  • Consultant Dennis W. Reisenweaver from Alion Science & Technology, USA
  • Director Manfred Urban from WAK, Germany (However, he is replaced at this meeting by engineer Erwin Prechtl)