In short, about pre-studies for Danish end depot

The preliminary studies for the Danish final depot are published on Wednesday 4 May. Download here a summary of the most important background information.

S The final depot must contain all Danish radioactive waste and be designed to isolate the waste from the surroundings for a minimum of 300 years. The waste comes primarily from the operation of the nuclear facilities on Risø and from their decommissioning. A small proportion come from hospitals, laboratories and the education sector.

The feasibility studies are three-part and are carried out by DD , SIS and GEUS. In addition to studies of transport and The Danish geology, they include safety analyses based on three different depot concepts combined with four geologies, and estimates of costs associated with the different solutions. The final report for the feasibility studies will be published by the Ministry of The Interior and Health on Wednesday 4 May 2011.

Read a summary of facts and background information